Are You Ready To...

  • Stop being frustrated over your clothes
  • Know exactly what you should wear to look fabulous and feel confident
  • Get ready with ease in the morning
  • Love everything in your closet

Become a Fabulously Dressed Mom

Get out of the mom slump, find your style, create a personalized wardrobe, generate a burden-free clothing fund, and develop a system to keep your wardrobe fabulous.

You'll learn to find motivation to care about your appearance, blend your style with today's trends, discover what should go in a smart wardrobe, and do it all without breaking the bank.

This system completely pulled me out of the mom slump for good.

I want to teach you the strategy in easy-to-implement steps that any mom can accomplish-- in 30 days or less!

By the end of the program you will have a grip on your style, an uncluttered wardrobe you love, a personalized plan for what you need to buy, and a system in place to maintain everything effortlessly moving forward.

How You'll Get Results

Each week is designed with videos of me demonstrating the lesson and end goal.

You then have structured steps to follow along so that you can get the same results from the lesson.

The workbook will not only provide the lesson outline but also gives your worksheets that make implementation of the lesson super easy.

You'll know exactly what you need to do on paper as well as in your actual closet.

Program Steps & Curriculum

Week 1: Finding Your Personal Style

  • Identifying The Barriers To Easy Style
  • What Is Fashion And How It Applies To You
  • How To Discover Your Style
  • Describing & Understanding Your Style
  • Making Your Style Relevant To Today: How To Blend You, Classics, and Trends

Week 2: Creating a Custom Wardrobe Plan

  • Lifestyle Needs Audit
  • Your Body Shape And Color Analysis
  • Planning a Color Palette
  • Filling In Categories
  • BONUS: 13-Page Wardrobe Pieces Master List
  • Finding The Gold In Your Wardrobe
  • Organizing What You Already Own

Week 3: Implementing Your Wardrobe Plan

  • Using Your Custom Plan On Your Wardrobe: How To Keep A Better Shopping List
  • Determining Your Clothing Budget
  • Ways to Generate a Non-Existent Clothing Budget
  • TECH TUTORIAL: Making Money With Referrals
  • Adding To Your Wardrobe: Rules Of Shopping Smart
  • TECH TUTORIAL: How to Save the Most Money When You Shop Online
  • Maintaining A Wardrobe You Love