My 3-Minute Makeup Routine

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Being a mommy has made it so much harder to squeeze in "me-time." I mean, before my precious little boy, practically the whole day was "me-time" because I was just taking care of myself and hubby! Sure I was working full time and plowing through school, but at least I had a full hour of undisturbed time to get showered, dressed and prettied up every morning. It now takes a scheduler to get half that time planned into the day.

Needless to say, showering and applying makeup each day takes a whole lot more will than it used to. I've also gotten a lot faster at the process.

Enter the 3 important minutes in my day. Which 3 am I talking about? Well, check this face out:

Before Makeup & Hair

This is an unedited, honest-to-goodness picture of my face before any product has touched it. If you're a really nice person, you're might be thinking, "eh, looks okay. Those moons under her eyes tell me she probably didn't sleep at all last night, but I'm not judging!"

Heavens! Thank you, you bless my heart. (See what I did there? Made up an imaginary super nice person so that I could muster up the courage to post this.)

I have one of those faces that need a little visit from the makeup fairy before heading out the door. Otherwise, my loving family and friends inevitably ask, "are you feeling ok? You have those cute "sick eyes"!" They truly are so sweet about it. But since this is my slept-8-hours-and-feel-great morning face, I've come to terms with the fact that foundation and mascara will forever be my daily companions!

Not everyone needs makeup to look bright and awake...

Some people really are blessed with the perfect complexion! If that's you, then know that I am extremely jealous.

For the rest of us, makeup is such a lovely friend.

A face is like a unique canvas...

That sounds so thoughtful. No, but seriously, no two faces are exactly alike (unless you have an identical twin—har, har). Some women need both foundation and concealer, others can get away with just a touch of mascara to the lashes. Some just like to add a bit of blush to their cheeks! I've always had dark circles under my eyes no matter how much sleep I get, so foundation + concealer are my go-to products. Mascara helps too, but it's not essential for me.

Learn what products do the most for your unique face...

Watch a few videos on Youtube of ladies demonstrating their makeup transformations from start to finish. (Just search "my quick makeup routine.") This will give you ideas about what to try with your face. You'll soon learn what makes the biggest difference and your routine will quickly fall into place.

My before and after:

Straightening my hair on the days it needs it takes 8 minutes. Hair + makeup = 11 minutes. Since I don't wash my hair every day, full hair styling only needs to happen a max of 2 times per week, the other days are touch up only (2 minutes) or updo's like ponytails, messy buns and braids. Touch up hair + makeup = 5 minutes.

Here's why (as a mom) I try to make those 3 magic minutes happen every day:

  1. It makes me feel put together and ready to conquer the day with more confidence.
  2. It gives your kids a brighter, happier impression of your expectations for the day. I still remember noticing when my mom came out of her room with fresh makeup and lipstick. It's not that I noticed she was missing anything before. But I did notice the difference. And it told me my mom cared about how she looked! That was a sweet example that helped me care when I grew up.
  3. It blesses my husband. Honestly, after six years of marriage, he is just recently learning to tell whether I'm wearing makeup. (And I love him for it!) But when I do put some makeup on, he can tell the before/after difference. I look refreshed which also makes me look happier and healthier. Just last night over dinner he looked up at me and said, "hun you look very nice, like you just freshened up your makeup or something." That comment made hearts start popping out of my ears. He's adorable!
  4. It tells the world I care about myself. God made me a woman, and though becoming a busy momma may pose challenges to my self-care, I want to always display my commitment to beauty and femininity in every stage of life! 

The makeup I wear on a daily basis:

Very important: The smoothness and suppleness of my skin is directly related to whether I took my makeup off the night before and slept with a moisturized face. For a makeup remover I love this one by Clinique. Then I use pure, raw Shea Butter all over my face as a moisturizer.

I know it's hard when you just want to drop into bed, but always strive to take all your makeup off and moisturize your "naked" face before bed.

In the morning, I splash water on my face, moisturize with just a tiny bit of Shea Butter again and apply my makeup.

Here's the makeup I use:

  1. Foundation. Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup all over face except nose (I guess I like my freckles)
  2. CoverGirl Concealer for circles under the eyes (I plan to buy Clinique concealer when this one finishes)
  3. Clinique Chubby Lash Mascara on top lashes only.
  4. Mary Kay Eyeliner on corners and slightly onto bottom lid (very lightly), also fill in and shape eyebrows lightly
  5. CoverGirl Blush very lightly on balls of cheeks
  6. Lipsense in Aussie Rose + Lipsense Glossy Lip Gloss (Apply once and stays on all day!) - I get mine from Kelsey, see her inventory here

On days when I look especially tired, I use some ivory/sparkly eye shadow from Maybelline's The Nudes Pallete (pictured below) to highlight my face. I apply it to eye corners, brow bone and down to the cheekbone. It really wakes the face up!

For church or special events I use taupes, browns and golds from the same eyeshadow palette to add color to my lids.

My Makeup + Hair Process on Fast Forward (Real Time: 11 Minutes)


What are you go-to makeup products? Can you beat my 3 minute application time? :) Challenge me in the comments below!