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My spring & summer trends for moms post was very popular so we're back with fall & winter trends! Here's a quote from that post explaining how this will help you if you're a mom...

Here on the frumpy fighters blog, I've made it my goal to help all of us busy moms fight the frump with ease and on a budget. 
One of the ways you can avoid "frumpy" is by incorporating favorite seasonal trends into your wardrobe. It helps freshen, elevate, and update your look--completely eliminating the risk of looking dated. No one wants to look dated!
Before starting this blog I struggled to feel confident about my outfits because I had no idea what was really in style and how to wear it. I felt like if I happened to wear a stylish outfit it was entirely by coincidence. And that sucked.
It was far too easy to fall into wearing boring outfits, or worse, wearing super dated stuff just because it felt safe.
Within just a month or two of writing on the blog, I began to learn what's "in style" and my confidence while shopping and dressing SKYROCKETED. 
But figuring out what's in style each season can be time consuming. I mean, unless you're someone who loves reading fashion magazines while shoveling pureed carrots into your baby's mouth, finding the time to "get in tune" with what's in is just not a luxury we moms can readily enjoy!
This blog is here to make it easy for you to feel confident about what you wear, what you buy, and what you don't buy. 
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Are you a mom and want to look stylish while still being comfortable for a stay at home or on the go mom life? Here are 11 fashion trends for this fall and winter that are easy to copy on a budget. This blog shares fashion trends & easy tips for basic, chic mom outfits that are comfortable! I don't have any fashion sense, but this blog has made it possible to look put together (and not frumpy) as a mom with kids.

So ladies here's my Fall/Winter 2017-2018 edition of "Fashion Trends That Are Mom Friendly."

It's another behemoth post because I wanted it to be thorough and helpful.

A special thanks to Jana, my wonderful new blogging assistant, for doing the research and putting most of this together while I wrapped up the Full Year Wardrobe Outfit Guide!

I'm covering 11 trends this season that us moms can actually wear without breaking an ankle or feeling silly... the last two are carried over from the last post because they still apply!

These 11 current trends made the cut, and there are others that we chose NOT to include either because they were 1) expensive, 2) not modest/classy, 3) not conducive to mom life!

Tip #1 before getting started: BE PICKY WITH YOUR TRENDS.

Only try out the ones you really love and can be added to your wardrobe on a budget. Speaking of which, don't forget to grab this post's freebie that covers several ways you can incorporate trends for free or for cheap.


If you feel like you don't have any basic outfits to start with, buying trends will only frustrate you. Make sure you have those basics first: good fitting white tee, jeans, shorts, dress. See more about basics here. When you have a good foundation, adding a trend or two to your style becomes fun and adds value to your wardrobe!

If you're reading this on your phone, be sure to slide to the left on images to view all the examples.

On Trend Right now In: Textures, Colors, and Patterns

Look For: Plaids

Plaid doesn't have to be only about the lumberjack look, it can be playful and classy too! 

We've seen this trend for a while, but it's definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. A simple blouse or scarf is an easy way to incorporate this into your wardrobe! If you're feeling brave, plaid can be a great option for pattern mixing!

The Full Year Wardrobe plan includes TWO plaid tops because they can be so versatile for moms in the fall and winter! Get it free here.

Look For: Suede & Velvet

This is one of my favorite textures this season! It's a super fun way to add a dressy look to a simple outfit. 

Look for: Leopard

Like it or not, leopard print is definitely one of the most popular trends right now. Don't be surprised if you see it around almost every corner! 

You don't have to look like Cruella Deville if you want to pull this trend off. A little goes a long way! Try shoes and a scarf or a simple blouse you can layer with your favorite vest or cardigan. 

The Full Year Wardrobe plan includes a leopard scarf and leopard flats because these two pieces are the fool-proof way to incorporate this trend without looking over-done. Get the plan free here.

Look for: Floral Patterns (all types!)

Florals aren't just for curtains or your grandmother's couch - you can style any floral pattern in pretty much any garment type! 

An easy way to incorporate florals is with a scarf or even a top you can layer with your favorite cardigan.

The Full Year Wardrobe plan includes an adorable floral + stripes tee and airy floral scarf! It's a fun way to drop some feminine spark into an every day mom look. Get the plan free here.

On Trend Right now In: Specific Style Tops, Dresses & Pants

Look for: Oversize & Long Sweaters

Cozy and warm is what comes to mind when thinking of sweaters and these two trends definitely deliver!

These styles work great paired with leggings or skinny jeans and you can add any shoe - slip on sneakers, flats, boots, even sandals for those transitional months!

The Full Year Wardrobe plan includes a thick knit cardigan! Because fall morning and winter days can be BRRRR! But use that to your favor by rocking this trend while keeping warm ;) Get the plan free here.

Look for: Midi Length Skirts & Dresses

This trend is great for all us moms... no need to worry about your skirt flying up while out and about or when leaning over to pick the baby up! 

A wide variety of options are available, whether pleated, fitted, blousy, dressy or casual - there's an option for everyone!

Look for: Moto Jackets

This year's trends are so feminine! Here's another classy look in full force right now.

The Full Year Wardrobe plan includes a classic cognac leather jacket! Get the plan free here.

On Trend Right Now In: Shoes & Accessories

Look For: Mules & Loafers

I've always been hesitant of these shoe styles, but they've definitely gotten a face lift recently and they are simple and stylish! 

Loafers are extremely mom friendly - I love heels,  but we all know they aren't the most practical shoe out there. This is also a fun piece to get in one of the texture trends - like suede or velvet!

Look for: Structured Purse & Totes

Just looking at these bags makes me sigh with appreciation for how organized and sleek they are. 

Ok, so I guess organized is all up to me and you and not the bag, but they're structure will definitely help me feel that way! 

The Full Year Wardrobe plan includes a structured tote bag! Get the plan free here.

On Trend Right now In: Ways to Wear Your Clothes

Try This: Partially tucking your tops

This styling trick is so easy and it's free! 

How to: Tuck the front of your shirt in (fully tucking any cami/under shirt first), then tug on your shirt until there's just a bit left still tucked. (Yup, this will hide any muffin top!)

Try This: Knotting Your Tops

You can also buy tops that already have a built in knot or twist feature. 

You'll also find these on dresses!

That rounds up our mom-friendly trend picks for Fall/Winter 2017-2018.

Like I mentioned before, take note of the ones you love and look for those details/styles when you're shopping.

You can be confident that when you incorporate some of these looks into your fall/winter wardrobe, you will be looking relevant, stylish, and super cute!

Before you go...

  1. Please share with me in the comments if this post was helpful (so I can do it again for next spring/summer!). What is your favorite trend?
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