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Here on the frumpy fighters blog, I've made it my goal to help all of us busy moms fight the frump with ease and on a budget. 

One of the ways you can avoid "frumpy" is by incorporating favorite seasonal trends into your wardrobe. It helps freshen, elevate, and update your look--completely eliminating the risk of looking dated. No one wants to look dated!

Before starting this blog I struggled to feel confident about my outfits because I had no idea what was really in style and how to wear it. I felt like if I happened to wear a stylish outfit it was entirely by coincidence. And that sucked.

It was far too easy to fall into wearing boring outfits, or worse, wearing super dated stuff just because it felt safe.

Within just a month or two of writing on the blog, I began to learn what's "in style" and my confidence while shopping and dressing SKYROCKETED. 

But figuring out what's in style each season can be time consuming. I mean, unless you're someone who loves reading fashion magazines while shoveling pureed carrots into your baby's mouth, finding the time to "get in tune" with what's in is just not a luxury we moms can readily enjoy!

This blog is here to make it easy for you to feel confident about what you wear, what you buy, and what you don't buy. 

Here's my Spring/Summer edition of "Fashion Trends That Are Mom Friendly."

This is sort of a behemoth post, because I wanted it to be thorough and helpful.

I'm covering 14 trends this warm season that us moms can actually wear, without breaking an ankle, flashing a private part, or getting laughed at on the play ground. Okay that last one I can't guarantee. I guess it all depends how nice the ladies in your neighborhood are.

I decided to feature these specific trends after much research and list-making. There are others that I chose NOT to include either because they were 1) expensive, 2) not modest/classy, 3) not conducive to mom life!

Tip #1 before getting started: BE PICKY WITH YOUR TRENDS.

Only try out the ones you really love and can be added to your wardrobe on a budget. Speaking of which, don't forget to grab today's freebie that covers several ways you can incorporate trends for free or for cheap.


If you feel like you don't have any basic outfits to start with, buying trends will only frustrate you. Make sure you have those basics first: good fitting white tee, jeans, shorts, dress. See more about basics here. When you have a good foundation, adding a trend or two to your style becomes fun and adds value to your wardrobe!

If you're reading this on your phone, be sure to slide to the left on images to view all the examples.

On Trend Right now In: Textures, Colors, and Patterns

Look For: Cut out/Perforated Texture

This fun texture can be found on purses and shoes and looks super classy.

I have my eye on a pair of block-heel mules like the ones pictured for when I want to dress up my outfits. It's one of the trends I love!

Look For: Embroidery Detail

My dad would appreciate this trend! He's an artist through and through, and his fashion taste is exceptionally elegant. 

Embroidery is beautifully feminine and thanks to technology, available at very affordable prices!

Look for: Bold Colors & Try Color Blocking

Aaaah. Bold, happy colors. 

Does your wardrobe's color palette include a bold color? Have fun finding more piece in this and complementary colors to block them together! More about the color blocking trend in this post.

Look For: Blush & Mint Accents

Hey, hey! These two colors are featured on my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe plan for moms! 

When I was planning the color palette for the wardrobe plan, I could see these were going to be hot, hot, hot. I was happy to see that, sure enough, they are all over the place in stores!

Look for: Floral Patterns (all types!)

There are so many variations of floral patterns that almost anyone can find one that they love! The Spring/Summer wardrobe plan features a floral dress.


On Trend Right now In: Specific Style Tops, Dresses & Pants

Look for: Cinching on Dresses

This is such a cute trend and helps adds definition! Always a frumpy-fighting win!

Look for: Cold-shoulder/Off shoulder Sleeves

The more modest alternative to off-the-shoulder tops. This is so cute!

Look for: Flutter Sleeves, Ruffles, and Peplum Tops

This year's trends are so feminine! Here's another classy look in full force right now.

look For: the Lace-Up feature

Lace-ups add a fun detail to your tops and dresses. My favorite way to wear this trend is with my lace-up flats!

Look for: Airy and Flowy Fit

Ahh, comfy and cool. 

To avoid looking frumpy, balance flowy tops with fitted bottoms. 

Look for: Overalls, Rompers & Jumpsuits/Playsuits

Okay, this one makes me nervous because I so clearly remember wearing overalls as a kid. 

But it really does look adorable on the ladies that are styling it online right now. So here you go. I may just dip into this one!

On Trend Right now In: Ways to Wear Your Clothes

Try This: Partially tucking your tops

This styling trick is so easy and it's free! 

How to: Tuck the front of your shirt in (fully tucking any cami/under shirt first), then tug on your shirt until there's just a bit left still tucked. (Yup, this will hide any muffin top!)

Try This: Knotting Your Tops

You can also buy tops that already have a built in knot or twist feature. 

You'll also find these on dresses!

And that concludes all the spring/summer trends I wanted to tell you all about. 

Like I mentioned before, take note of the ones you love and look for those details/styles when you're shopping.

You can be confident that when you incorporate some of these looks into your spring/summer wardrobe, you will be looking relevant, stylish, and super cute!

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