wardrobe plans designed for stay-at-home-moms

Secure effortless style as a mom this season.

My Outfit Guides for stay-at-home moms hold everything you need to create a smart subdivision of your larger wardrobe.

Enjoy countless outfit combinations from pieces carefully planned to offer a balance of timeless and trending styles. Be comfortable while fighting frumpy! 

Find ultra flexibility in what your closet hold without being constrained to a tiny wardrobe.

Spring/Summer Outfit Guide

Fall Outfit Guide

Winter Outfit Guide (Blue/Taupe/Burgundy)

Winter Outfit Guide (Olive/White/Burgundy)


Mom life is hectic enough.

You shouldn't have to be frustrated over what you're going to wear each morning.

Join a community of moms who are fighting frumpy through the use of clear wardrobe planning and smart shopping!

The stay-at-home mom's capsule wardrobe is designed with easy-to-launder, highly remixable and comfortable pieces. They range from classic to trendy, to insure you are both timeless and fashionable in your style.

The outfit guide contains everything you need to shape and upgrade your existing wardrobe into a smart weather-appropriate capsule and put an endless number of outfits together.

With these guides, you will be setting aside a highly re-mixable portion of your wardrobe but keeping the larger wardrobe in tact. This way you save money, don't get bored by your capsule, and remove the frustration of deciding what to wear each day!

Don't waste any more money on clothes that don't work well together. With the help of this guide, you can buy only highly flexible clothing that you will love for years, saving money in the long run. 

Outfit Guides for stay at home moms- What's included?
from the winter outfit guide (blue/taupe/burgundy)

from the winter outfit guide (blue/taupe/burgundy)

Wardrobe Checklist

Use the handy checklist to mark off items you already own and decide which one's you want to add. Choose your own color palette to further customize your capsule.



A Guide to Creating (almost) Endless Outfits

Learn how to use the clothing pieces to create 130+ outfits from your wardrobe.


From the Winter Outfit Guide (Olive/White/Burgundy)

From the Winter Outfit Guide (Olive/White/Burgundy)

from the fall outfit guide

from the fall outfit guide

30 Outfit Layouts

Get inspired with 30 beautifully arranged outfits using pieces from the capsule. Outfit formulas make it easy to swap your own pieces in for the ones suggested. There is even an index to make it easy to find all outfits with "white tee."

Outfit Guide Previews (2).jpg

Easy to find outfits with Index

Using the index of clothing pieces, you can easily locate an outfit layout that incorporates the piece you want to wear.


Get your guide today and finally dress fashionably with ease.

It was created with you in mind.

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I want to help you enjoy an easy and fun wardrobe, dear mom! I will be available at should you have any questions or just need an opinion on one of your outfits ;)

If you are not 100% satisfied with your eBook, I will refund your purchase within 30 days. 

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